Fantasy Strike Coming To Nintendo Switch, PS4 Summer, 2018
Fantasy Strike Nintendo Strike
(Last Updated On: March 20, 2018)

During the Nindies showcase on March 20th, 2018, Nintendo revealed that Sirlin Games’ one-on-one fighting game, Fantasy Strike, will be headed to the Nintendo Switch this summer. The game was previously announced for the PlayStation 4 last year during the PSX event. So it looks like the new indie-made fighter will see the light of day on both system this summer.

At the moment Sirlin Games is currently working on Fantasy Strike while it’s in Early Access on Steam. The developers have been adding characters, fixing the content and balancing out the fighting since September, 2017.

The Early Access page states that Fantasy Strike is tentatively scheduled for a third-quarter release in 2018, so it’s possible that it will graduate from Early Access and launch on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 around September.

Fantasy Strike - Top Heavy

Details on the Nintendo Switch version weren’t readily disclosed, but the Nindies showcase did mention that two players will be able to duke it out in local multiplayer matches using a single pair of Joy-Con controllers. So the controls are obviously going to be simplified enough to only rely on the face buttons and the left and right bumpers.

The full game will have 10 playable characters, multiple costumes per character, a single-player arcade mode, local PvP, online PvP, and a practice mode.

The fighting looks okay. The design of the combat is themed around the easy-to-learn but hard-to-master concept. An ex Street Fighter designer worked on it so that it will appeal both to newbies and veterans alike.

You can look for Fantasy Strike to launch this summer for home consoles and PC. You can keep track of the development over on the Steam Early Access page. The game is currently $19.99 but the developers plan on raising the price when it exits Early Access, so expect the console and finished PC version to cost around $29.99.

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