Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Creator Leaves Ubisoft, Talks Future Plans

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon creator, Dean Evans, has announced his departure from Ubisoft. The creator of the 2013 first-person shooter standalone expansion to the 2012 game Far Cry 3 explains why he left the company and touches on future plans.

Blood Dragon is known as a parody of 1980’s action films, cartoons, and video games, this is even highlighted in its official description. Although the game or expansion in question was wacky, many players enjoyed assuming the role of Sargent Rex Colt, a Mark IV Cyber Commando, who had to get the girl, kill the baddies, and save the world.

Prowling a retro-futuristic open world nuclear island filled with cyborgs, blood dragons, and mutants, all made the experience that is Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon a very memorable one.

The mind behind Blood Dragon happens to be Dean Evans, who, for years, helped work on titles like Far Cry, Splinter Cell, and the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

According to publication site Game Informer it is said that Evans had not only left Ubisoft, but has shared some stuff that’s been going on in his life and what might unfurl later on down the road.

Firstly, the site made mention that Evans was working on a new game concept with Ubisoft, but the company ultimately scrapped the whole thing in the end. During the moment that could be summed up as ire, Ubisoft offered him a chance to join the editorial leadership group in Paris, but he would instead chose to turn it down.

Evans told Game Informer…

“I split with my wife, and then the project I was working on was canceled. All of this massive s— going on at the same time and I started thinking, ‘Is the best option for me to move to another foreign country?’

He continued on and said:

“I’m 40 this year, and it’s so f—ing cliche, but you do think about it in the same way you do when you turn 30. These milestones, you start thinking about what you really want to be doing and whether you’re making the right decision.”

According to Evans, he is departing from Ubisoft on “good terms.”

In addition to this departure, he plans to move to the United Kingdom, take some time off and travel. The site mentions when he does reboot his career it may or may not be what some folks expect.

Evans is noted to have ambitions to form a much smaller team and do something different than the “conventional triple-A game” design:

“A lot of people have been complaining about the triple-A business and the lack of risk taking, that I’d be a total f—ing hypocrite if I moved forward and didn’t take any risks.”


“So f— it, I think I might go out and set up my own studio and see where that goes.”

The piece pretty much ended with Evans stating the following information in the two blockquotes:

“I’m a big believer that the future is not games we as creators make, but that we create virtual worlds and give tools and systems to players and they’ll make infinite amounts of games. We’re going to build spaces for players not just to play in, but to exist in. You’ll see it, in 10 years digital existence is going to be as important as your virtual existence.”

And finally that…

“I spend as much time as possible with friends’ kids and seeing how proficient they are in everything and what an amazing, kind of captivating audience they are. To think we have the most powerful entertainment medium on the planet, and we’re ignoring the future of our planet. We’re not making games for this audience with the budget and attention they deserve.”

With all of that said, what’s your thoughts on Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Dean Evans, and his plan to take a break and possibly go back to making games that’ll take risks?


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