Far Cry 5 Will Have Time Savers And Microtransactions

Remember when Far Cry 5 associate producer Philippe Fournier stated in an interview that the upcoming first-person shooter and how it won’t feature loot-boxes? Well, instead Far Cry 5 will sport microtransactions that consist of gun skins, prestige weapons, vehicles and other similar things.

The interview featuring Far Cry 5 associate producer, Philippe Fournier, regarding whether or not the upcoming first-person shooter will feature loot-boxes went up on January 16th, 2018.

You can watch the interview by The Game Fanatics that questions the associate producer about loot-boxes right here.

In the video it’s explained that the game will not have loot-boxes because they wanted the game to have a truly open feel to it and for players to access that content without paywalls getting in the way.

Contrary to the above, there will be content that you can pay for that offer various things. According to publication site PCGamer, which had the opportunity to preview the game wrote the following after playing a Far Cry 5 demo:

“During a preview event for Far Cry 5 on PC, I stumbled upon a container which, when opened, revealed a couple stacks of silver bars. Had I found a Far Cry 5 loot box? No. Just a box that contained loot.”

The site went on to say that…

“Far Cry 5 will have microtransactions for cosmetic items and time savers. The store wasn’t online during my demo, so I couldn’t get a look at pricing or exactly what’s inside, but gun skins, vehicle skins, and outfits for your character are all definitely customizable aspects. And you’ll be able to get some (maybe all) cosmetic items from a currency you can find in game: silver bars.”

You say you don’t believe PCGamer? You don’t have to, an in-game notice spills the beans that microtransactions will make an appearance in Far Cry 5. The notice shared can also be seen on said publication site and reads as follows:

The thing behind all of this is that Ubisoft devs knew that microtransactions would be in the game, why not disclose it while on the topic of loot-boxes during the The Game Fanatics’ interview and get it over with? Why must it be dug up like skeletons waiting to come marching out of a closet revealing all sorts of dirty laundry?

Well, there you have it, Far Cry 5 will release with Time Savers and microtransactions. The first-person shooter game will be available to play across PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 27th, 2018.


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