Far Cry 5 Will Take A Good Player 25 Hours To Beat The Campaign

According to Far Cry 5 creative director, Dan Hay, the game will supposedly take “a good player” 25 hours to beat the campaign. Far Cry 5 is gearing up to release across PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 27th.

Given that most gamers and fans have not played Far Cry 5, the best way to freshen up on the game without spoiling it is to gather basic information on it like asking the question: how long will it take to complete the campaign?

Luckily, Far Cry 5 creative director, Dan Hay, has shared with publication site GameSpot how long the action-FPS campaign will take to beat through a recent interview.

To give folks a basic idea, Hay claims that “a good player” will be able to finish the campaign within 25 hours.

Hay and Ubisoft believe that based on playtests with other people, players will get distracted from the main story due to the ability to “fish” and “hunt” things, which will stretch out play time. So this isn’t necessarily indicative of how long it will take to complete the story in one go, but how long Ubisoft expects players to take to complete the story while being distracted with other content.

The bad news about the interview that Hay took up is that he did not touch on how long it would take someone who only focuses on story-only content or how long it will take for people who go slowly and attempt to complete all the other side-quests.

If I had to give a guess based on Hay’s description of “a good player” being able to achieve 25 or so hours tops, then it should take an average player around 30-40 hours to beat the game. As for questing and sniffing out every Easter egg, gamers should expect a much longer experience than 40 hours when playing Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 will hit PC, PS4, and Xbox One come March 27th.

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