FAR: Lone Sails Is A Post-Apocalyptic Traveling Game With No Zombies
FAR Lone Sails

Okomotive, an indie studio operating out of Zurich, Switzerland, announced that they’ve partnered with Mixtvision for the upcoming release of their post-apocalyptic vehicular traveling game, FAR: Lone Sails.

It’s the sort of game you wish more companies attempted to make but for whatever reason they just don’t.

Players essentially travel across a dried out seabed in a desolate world set in the far future. You’ll “sail” across the desert in the makeshift vehicle while avoiding environmental hazards, deadly weather, and various other obstacles that stand in your way.

The further into your journey you go the more dangerous it becomes. Players will have to tactically keep their motorized sail transport up and working. You can check out the trailer for the game below, which gives you an idea of what the gameplay is like for this interesting side-scrolling adventure.

So basically, you get your transport moving and shaking by raising the sails. When the transport encounters damage, you have to head inside and start tweaking the knobs and cranking the shafts to keep it operational, put out fires, and avoid sustaining any long term damage.

FAR: Lone Sails is definitely an interesting new title and the combination of travel with 2.5D platforming and puzzle solving could lure in gamers looking for a game that takes a different approach to post-apocalyptic exploration.

It’s hard to think of other games to compare it to, but it seems to capture the sort of solemn atmosphere that PlayDead Studios honed in on with Inside. One could even say that it looks like the aftermath of civilization’s fall within the world that Sand Sailor Studio created in Black The Fall.

FAR: Lone Sails doesn’t have any zombies, so it’s more about surviving in this big empty world where the dangers are basically present in the environmental hazards set before you.

The game is due out first on Steam for PC starting May 17th. You can learn more about the game or keep track of it leading up to its release this spring by visiting the Steam store page.


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