Forager Scheduled To Launch On Steam, Nintendo Switch In Fall, 2018

HopFrog and the publishing arm of Humble Bundle announced that Forager is scheduled to launch on Steam, the Humble Store and on the Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop starting later this year during the fall.

The game is described as a Legend of Zelda meets Minecraft experience. It ended up garnering more than 70,000 downloads when it was on following its appearance during a Game Jam.

Forager is a crafting, land-expansion, management RPG title. You gather resources, you build up your home, farm for more food, and you craft dozens of resource management production facilities while constantly foraging and expanding your land ownership. You’ll also have to research and craft new weapons to defend your land across 64 different skills, keeping out interlopers and baddies.

Yes, Forager is the ultimate Libertarian game, all about capitalistic colonialism. Anyone who attempts to take what’s yours gets a bomb to the face and a pick-axe to the skull. You can check out the gameplay below.

People who enjoy expanding their empire by taking over land and killing the inhabitants will love Forager. It’s like playing through an 8-bit version of Africa without worrying about being raped or maimed by destabilization agents!

Graphically the game has the typical indie 8-bit aesthetic, taking on the four-direction gameplay present in the old Legend of Zelda titles from the NES and SNES era, but with the exploration and expansion present in titles like Terraria.

You can also acquire the services of NPCs and go on dungeon raids, killing bosses, acquiring loot, and building up your gold reserves, storing them in a secret place and killing any of those scrubby, poor skeletons attempting to break onto your property to steal what you’ve gathered in your travels. Just like Texans killing illegal immigrants trying to break into their homes, you have to wipe out the invaders with extreme prejudice.

But it’s not just about taking over land, getting filthy rich, and killing anyone who doesn’t want to work under your thumb. You can also find secrets, solve puzzles, and also decorate your land mass.

The slogan of the game is “Achieve anything you want!”, thus this will definitely be popular among gamers who believe in the due diligence of growth through responsibility; so don’t expect many Antifa members to flood the review section or forum boards with any positive praise given their Communist values.

You can learn more about Forager by visiting the Steam store page.


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