Fox n Forests New Gameplay Trailer Covers Time-Warp Mechanics And Magic
Fox n Forests
(Last Updated On: March 28, 2018)

Bonus Level Entertainment let loose a brand new gameplay trailer for Fox n Forests, the furry-themed side-scrolling platformer, which is due for release later this spring for PC, PS4, Xbox one and the Nintendo Switch.

The new gameplay trailer gives gamers a brief look at some of the new content that will appear in the upcoming title, including some of the gimmicks and the levels. You can check it out below.

The trailer starts with the fox in the forest, scouring the various shops that contain items that players can purchase with the gold they acquire throughout the levels. As you can see, there are armor shops and weapon shops, each containing different items you can purchase and use to help aid the fox during battle.

You can purchase the armor to give the fox some buffs against enemies, and the magic to use against certain foes.

Once he gets equipped, we see the overworld map where the fox chooses a level. It’s very similar to the older Super Mario games.

Fox n Forests - Cave

Once he enters a stage we see how the transformation skill works where he uses the magic to alter the time of the forest so that it’s during the fall harvest. He uses the ample and succulent berries to jump up and reach new areas. We also briefly see the magic in effect, where he freezes a bunch of enemy NPCs.

The time alteration ability is very similar to the time warp mechanic in Sonic CD. The skill recharges on its own, but the fox can speed up the recharge rate by killing enemies.

There’s a really awesome featurette over on the Fox n Forests Kickstarter page, where the developers give a breakdown on how they designed the levels, from the concept stage to completion.

It’s a really neat feature that’s worth a read for any budding game developer.

Also, I should note that the music is very reminiscent to classic Genesis 16-bit titles like Castle of Illusion. The synthesized sound effects and music really bring back memories.

This is a true-and-through 16-bit homage; a lovingly made game by developers who respect the yesteryears of gaming.

You can look forward to the release of Fox n Forests from Bonus Level Entertainment later this spring for PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

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