GameMaker Studio 2 Heads To Nintendo Switch This Summer
GameMaker Studio 2 Nintendo Switch

YoYo Games announced that Nintendo Switch gamers will soon be able to conceptualize, make and create their very own games using GameMaker Studio 2.

The software creation utility will be making its way to Nintendo’s hybrid console starting this upcoming summer.

James Cox, the general manager at YoYo Games, explained in the press release that the Big ‘N’ has been working with developers like YoYo in order to get productivity software like GameMaker Studio 2 ported over to the Switch, stating…

“Nintendo has been hugely supportive of bringing independent releases to the Nintendo Switch console, and this partnership will mean even more wonderful games are released on the platform. We’re working hard to ensure the Nintendo Switch version of GameMaker Studio 2 retains the already excellent functionality of the engine, and we are committed to supporting developers and studios who are keen to make the jump to Nintendo’s record-breaking console.”

This is no small piece of news here. Keep in mind that a number of high-quality indie titles have been designed using YoYo Games’ software design tool, including the top-selling Hyperlight Drifter, and the new-gen smash hit of Undertale… yes, the same Undertale that is also set to launch on the Nintendo Switch very soon. In fact, Toby Fox mentioned that he’s using GameMaker Studio 2 to port Undertale to the Switch, mentioning…

“I’m excited to use GameMaker Studio 2 to put Undertale on Nintendo Switch. I’m a big fan of Nintendo. I hope Mario plays my game.”

Games like Valdis Story and the musically-themed bullet-hell side-scroll Savant – Ascent from D-Pad Studio were also made with the tool, along with Sukeban Games’ VA-11 HALL-A, cyberpunk visual novel.

Now this isn’t to say that aspiring game designers will be able to make a million-selling indie game using GameMaker Studio 2 on the Nintendo Switch right off the bat, but it will give you all of the necessary tools in order to do so. For the most part this is a great way to open up a doorway of introducing Switch owners into the realm of creating their very own games using the creation suite. Familiarizing yourself with pixel designs, sprite development, and various types of game genres will help in educating gamers on how to make their very own games.

You can look for the game-creation utility to make its way to Nintendo’s little Switch that could starting this summer in 2018. For more information about GameMaker Studio 2, feel free to visit the official website.


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