God Of War New Gameplay Video Shows Four Minutes Of Combat

The now straitlaced Kratos, who has a second chance at being a father again, makes yet another appearance via a new trailer showing off various combat maneuvers in God of War. The April due game by SIE Santa Monica Studio is currently slated to exclusively hit PS4 and PS4 Pro.

The latest and upcoming God of War game is quite different from its predecessors on PS2 and PS3. The camera, combat, and philandering ways of Kratos are no more, and are instead replaced by a more “mature,” “cinematic” and “story-focused” setup, according to the devs.

God of War fans lurking to explore the series first take into the Norse realm of things will find a plethora of new enemy encounters. Past videos briefly skimmed over foes that will be prowling and waiting for Kratos and son Atreus, but we get a better look at what is to come in a new gameplay video.

We get to see Dad of War kick, rip, punch, stomp on enemy heads, throw foes into walls, and attempt to do a “this is Sparta kick” to an enemy perfectly aligned at the mouth of an endless pit.

Other maneuvers performed by Kratos consist of shield bashing enemies, pummeling baddies to a bloody pulp, and using his magical Leviathan Axe to freeze and destroy whatever entity in his path.

His son, Atreus, makes an appearance too, but nothing significant is performed by him, unless you count distracting enemies. The video containing four straight minutes of God of War combat can be seen below thanks to YouTuber MathChief.

If you are looking to snag a copy of the new version of God of War, you’ll have to wait a month to get your hands on the action-adventure title. The game is currently set to debut on April 20th, for PS4 and PS4 Pro.


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