Golem, 2.5D Puzzle-Platformer Arrives On Steam This Spring
Golem Game

Canadian game developers Longbow Games announced that their 2.5D puzzle adventure game, Golem, is set to launch on PC this spring. The game is about a young girl who traverse exotic mazes with a transforming, shape-shifting, mystical golem in tow.

You’ll have to navigate through the side-scrolling adventure, solving platforming puzzles and attempting to re-activate the rest of the hibernating golems.

A trailer was released for the game, giving you a look at the platforming and puzzle-solving.

Animation wise, the game seems to mirror Team Ico’s highly energetic design for its protagonists, who showcase a lot of movements and over-dramatic poses while performing simple tasks. Usually this is done to help elevate engagement when the main focus of the game is on a single character for large portions of the gameplay. If the character is highly animated and very expressive, it helps maintain the focus of the player, especially if there isn’t a whole lot of activity or movement happening in the background.

As you can see, throughout the stages the golem will transform into different creatures or objects to help the girl through or across certain obstacles.

Players will have a mixture of physics-oriented and platforming-oriented puzzles to solve, along with making use of both the golem’s powers and the girl’s mobility.

In a way, it seems like a more puzzle-centric version of The Girl and the Robot from Flying Carpet Games, which was also inspired by Team Ico’s Ico. The big difference between the two is that The Girl and the Robot had more 3D platforming segments and a much tighter focus on melee combat.

As is typical with most newer games coming out of Canada, the main character is female and a person of color. So it’s something to keep in mind when Golem releases this spring.

You can learn more by visiting the official website.


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