Guns Of Icarus Allance Coming To PS4 May 1st With Cross-Platform Support
Guns of Icarus Alliance

Muse Games announced that Guns of Icarus Alliance will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 starting May 1st. The game will also launch with a 25% off discount on its launch price of $14.99, making it only $11.29 when it arrives this spring on Sony’s home console.

There’s also going to be a figurehead and costume set made available exclusively for those who pre-order. But I don’t need to remind people about the first rule of pre-orders… do I?

Anyway, Guns of Icarus Alliance for the PS4 brings the same sort of PvE and PvP combat from the PC version to the home console. It supports giant, massive battles that allows for up to 32-players in a single instance, all working together to man their airship and battle against other other players in skirmishes. The combat and airship mechanisms are very similar to Sea of Thieves for Xbox One and Windows 10, insofar that multiple players are required to man different positions in order to keep the airships functioning clean and prestine.

You’ll take on roles as pilots, engineers and gunners, doing what they do best in order to secure victory. You can check out the gameplay trailer below to see how the gameplay rounds out in Guns of Icarus Alliance.

As you can see, players will stay busy repairing the ship, manning the guns and keeping the sails steady during intense multi-ship battles.

Players will scavenge for supplies, acquire equipment for their customizable characters, and duke it out in order to become the savior of the steampunk heavens.

As mentioned in the press release, the game will support full cross-platform play between PS4 and PC users, along with full voice chat functionality.

Howard Tsao, the team lead at Muse Games commented in the press release about Guns of Icarus Alliance, stating…

“Making the first game to fully provide cross-platform voice chat was a monumental task for the development team, but we knew in order to experience Guns of Icarus the correct way we had to implement it in both the PS4 and PC versions,”

You’ll be able to play the game on PS4 starting May 1st for $14.99. You can gather your group together, whether that’s on PS4 or PC, and prep to do battle in fully armored airships.


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