Hajime Tabata Will Lead Square Enix New Luminous Productions Studio

Square Enix has a studio established in Tokyo called Luminous Productions. This new studio will be led by Hajime Tabata, who directed the November 2016 RPG, which is out right now, Final Fantasy XV.

That’s right, the Tokyo-based studio that goes by the name of Luminous Productions will be led by COO,  Hajime Tabata. The studio in question will bring forth new games, including triple A titles.

According to the official website, Luminous Productions was purposely put into motion to develop “new AAA titles” and bring “innovative games” and other entertainment content to a “global audience.”

Another major goal behind this very studio is to “utilize innovative technology and creativity to change the future of gaming and entertainment.”, perhaps similar to what we saw with the Final Fantasy: Agnis Philosophy tech demo from so many years ago running on the Luminous Engine.

On the other side of things, and much like clockwork, folks who aren’t fond of Tabata claim that the games in development at this studio will either be vaporware or feature trailers that’s nothing like the actual games.

It’s unclear how these games will turn out or how they’ll be, but we’ll get an understating how this studio works very soon given that information regarding new projects by Luminous Productions will be announced later this year.

Personally, I hope these games bring actual innovation to the games industry as claimed by the dev team, as well as actual technology that will blow gamers and fans away. And if the team’s words are anything to go by, hopefully we can see the utilization of “innovative technology” and “creativity” that will change the “future of gaming and entertainment.”

Lastly, the team is looking for people to fill in spots to help make these games and tech come to fruition, which calls for 29 people. You can learn more about Luminous Productions and Square Enix by visiting luminous-productions.com or hd.square-enix.com.


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