Heather Antos Leaves Marvel Comics, Takes Gig At E-Sports Betting Site
Heather Antos

Activist editor, Heather Antos – a member of the league of comic book pros who tried to take down YouTuber Diversity & Comics – is out of Marvel Comics. The antics carried out by Antos were at times almost equivalent to that of a super-villainess; and just like the villains in the comic books, all her plans targeting her arch-rival were foiled by Diversity & Comics, who managed to stay one step of her and a few other industry cronies. One such plot involved colluding with other comic book masterminds in order to have Diversity & Comics’ Patreon account shutdown. However, Richard C. Meyer, the man behind Diversity & Comics, managed to expose the plot and thwart the villainy of the other comic book professionals who were out to silence him.

After all the plans failed to bring down Diversity & Comics, Antos decided to give up the real-life antics of a comic book antagonist, and opted to leave the comic book industry for the e-sports betting website, Unikrn. On March 9th, 2018, Antos tweeted out the following change in career.

Bounding Into Comics is reporting that Unikrn wasted little time in taking advantage of bringing Antos into their fold, releasing a press statement indicating that they would be working closely with the former Marvel Comics editor who helped with the Star Wars comics, Gwenpool and Amazing Spider-Man.

Unikrn head of global content mentioned…

“I’ve worked with Heather on multiple projects since we met more than half a decade ago. I’ve never met anybody with her unique combination of ambition and skill, nor somebody with the same positive charismatic impact on her colleagues. It’s a pleasure to have our paths intersect again. I’m fully confident that she is bringing in a perspective that will help us appeal to the widest audience, improve our content quality, and maintain the narratives that truly matter in gaming, esports and more.”

Antos and other editors, especially at Marvel Comics, became infamous for arguing with fans, turning the industry into a sociopolitical battleground, and attempting to mobilize radicals against YouTube critics like Diversity & Comics.

As a way to shutdown that kind of controversy, DC Comics issued a decorum manifesto to ensure that their writers, artists, and freelancers don’t drag the company’s name through the mud on social media.

After years of seeing their comics tank, Marvel finally fired the previous editor-in-chief and promoted C.B Cebulski to completely re-orient the Marvel Comics division. Cebulski’s first order of business was to cancel some of Marvel’s SJW comic books.

It appears it wasn’t just the comic books on the chopping block either. Diversity & Comics had an ebullient-filled video practically celebrating the ousting of Heather Antos from Marvel Comics.

As pointed out by Bounding Into Comics, Antos isn’t entirely done with the comic book industry. She says that Star Wars and comic book fans haven’t seen the last of her and that there are still some announcements on the horizon.


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