The House With The Clock In Its Walls First Trailer Channels Creepy Vibes
The House With The Clock In The Walls

With an exorbitantly long title like The House With The Clock In Its Walls, you would have to imagine that Amblin Entertainment and Universal Studios would do well to explain to make sure the very first trailer for the flick is both entertaining and visually captivating. Well, I can safely say that they managed to make the first trailer entertaining and visually captivating by channeling some creepy vibes.

The movie centers around an orphan named Lewis Barnavelt who goes to live with his uncle in the proverbially creepy house with the clock in its walls. The trailer takes its time setting up what it wants to show and what it doesn’t want you to see. It’s about wanting to show, but not telling.

The results seem to be fairly successful, as many potential moviegoers liked what they saw in the trailer below, made available courtesy of Rapid Trailer.

As Lewis begins to explore the house and make acquaintance with his uncle, the trio staying at the house discover that there’s a clock inside the walls that can apparently bring about doomsday.

The setting and thematic presentation seems very similar to An Unfortunate Series Of Events, but it’s a lot more grounded and a lot less fantastical. It still, however, dabbles in otherworldly intrigue, giving viewers glimpses of Cthulhu-inspired beasts, creepy cracked dolls, and whatever it is hiding in the walls where the clock resides.

Also, props to the marketers for fitting the metronome-style ticking of a clock’s hands. It really does help bring the concept of the film to life in a mysterious way. I can’t help but think that this is what A Wrinkle In Time should have been like had it not succumbed to Hollywood’s diversity agenda.

Anyway, you can look for The House With The Clock In Its Walls to land in a theater near you starting this upcoming September.


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