Identity Latest Update Announces Upcoming Playable Town Square

Identity is an upcoming PC life sim where you can assume the role of an everyday person, drug dealer, cop, internet con artist, real estate agent, and other occupations. Asylum Entertainment not too long ago released an update that details the Town Square April 23rd release.

Thanks to YouTuber MKIceAndFire you can see a video compilation of Identity right here, if you don’t know what the life sim aims to bring.

According to Asylum Entertainment, the team recently hit a milestone of $1,000,000. Community support and pledgers have been wanting Identity to be a reality, and it seems that part of it will come this April.

Asylum Entertainment current priority has been to get the Town Square ready for Founders to play. Despite there being a delay pushing it from March 23rd to April 23rd, the delay is said to bring the best of quality before it leaves the doors of development.

To be honest here, I actually didn’t think Identity would have progressed this far. With the game being a new MMO breed of role-playing seemed like it would have spelt out certain death for it, but it seems that with current donations and player feedback it’s in demand.

Promotional material billed Identity as another life where hundreds of players interact in a world of absolute freedom, where it’s the actions of players which determine the outcome of the world where you and others live in.

If all of that seems like something that you can get behind and mess around in, the good news is that Asylum Entertainment will ship out a playable build to Founders starting on April 23rd. It’s unclear all what you can do in the Town Square, but from the sounds of it there’s quite a bit that you can do.

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