Immortal: Unchained Videos Cover Weapon Mechanics, Exploration, Combat
Immortal Unchained

Toadman Interactive’s Immortal: Unchained is a fascinating new game that we don’t know much about. The title is basked in mystery and we only get small snippets and minuscule amounts of information about the title every so often. Well, recently some gamers managed to get their hands on some gameplay footage and an explanation of the combat system.

So YouTuber BoomStick Gaming did a quick three minute video discussing the combat roles in the game and the way the dodge, shooting and reloading mechanics work in Immortal: Unchained.

So the first minute packs a lot of information into a small amount of space. He explains that instead of focusing solely on melee combat, you’ll have long-range combat at your disposal as well. Firing your weapon takes down the ammo and when the counter reaches zero you’ll have to reload. Reloading takes stamina, however, which is also required to dodge.

You can probably already imagine how complex some of the mechanics can get in Immortal: Unchained as you juggle between dodging, timing your shots and reloading.

What’s more is that firing your weapon isn’t just about peppering enemies until they fall. Different enemies have different weaknesses, and much like The Surge you’ll need to effectively target their weak areas in order to do maximum damage. This becomes an essential tactic when you’re facing more than one enemy at a time.

To help make things easier on players, you can auto-lock onto enemies and then using the reticule to cycle through their different body parts while locked onto them.

Separating itself from other games is the fact that ammo in Immortal: Unchained is not unlimited. You will have a finite resource pool to draw from, and different weapons have different cartridges and calibers that must be matched up in order to use them. Thus, weapons with limited ammo pools are best saved for difficult sub-bosses or main bosses, while weapons with steep ammo pools should be used often.

Much like The Surge you can attack different body parts of the enemies and weaken or incapacitate them that way, such as shooting their legs to make them stumble, or attacking their arms to disarm their weapons.

If the video above just did not give you enough gameplay to satisfy your desires to for the gameplay, you can check out 45 minutes worth of gameplay captured by YouTuber FextraLife.

The early goins of the closed alpha test showcases a player scavenging for some equipment, using the Obelisk to equip guns and daggers, and then making their way through the extra-worldly high-tech dungeon.

The level design comes across to me like post-modernist German architecture within an alien motif that attempts to mimic Warframe’s procedural level layouts. There are a lot of concrete corridors and server room-style hubs that players must traverse through.

It feels less claustrophobic than Lords of the Fallen but far less intuitive than both Dark Souls and The Surge. Out of them all, The Surge still seems to have the most recognizable level designs, which were both interesting and functionally realistic.

Just before the 20 minute mark the player finally makes their way out of the structure and into the unforgiving weather set atop the snowy cliffs of Arden.

Artistically there’s a lot of character to the outdoor environments. It looks inhospitably uncomfortable, with jagged terrain, blistering winds, and lots of opportunities to fall off the side into the abyss below.

Right now it’s hard to tell how well Immortal: Unchained will turn out. It’s not a whack-a-mole shooter like Gears of War, which definitely diminishes the more intense tactical encounters players might be expecting from the game, but it’s also not quite the intense melee game that Lords of the Fallen and Dark Souls happen to be; it sort of nestles itself somewhere in between.

You can look for Immortal: Unchained to launch for home consoles and PC later this year.


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