Insurgency: Sandstorm Videos Cover New Footage And Gameplay Features

Focus Home Interactive and New World Interactive aim to bring Insurgency: Sandstorm to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The release date is expected to drop sometime this year, but ahead of its release comes two videos showing new gameplay footage.

Insurgency: Sandstorm will supposedly bring enhanced features and expand on other areas of playability in order to increase the overall engagement and entertainment values of the game. Ahead of the upcoming first-person shooter’s launch comes two videos elaborating on gameplay mechanics and some of the other features.

The first video comes in by YouTuber LevelCapGaming, who is part of New World Interactive’s content partnership program. This program allows for content creators to gain access to footage and gameplay before the general public, which can be seen in the preview below.

The second video by NewWorldInteractive explores even more of Insurgency: Sandstorm by taking up the mantle of being an official Q&A session. Viewers ask the host of the video, Alex Blonsky, about various aspects of the gameplay. Blonsky tries his best to answers as many questions as possible, as seen below.

If you didn’t watch either of the two videos, the upcoming first-person shooter aims to deliver “modern battlefield” tactics, while expanding the original Insurgency formula.

Each weapon will be affected by unique ballistic calculations taking into account bullet-drop. Other functions such as choosing to drop magazines for faster reloads, carefully opening doors to keep quiet, or going guns-a-blazin’ is just some of the many features implemented into Sandstorm.

Looking over to the PvP mode, you will be able to participate in “large-scale” battles with up to 16 Vs. 16 (32 players) skirmishes with artillery barrages, gunships, A-10 strikes, and 4×4 vehicle support.

Time will tell how this project will pan out when a playable build drops for gamers and fans alike, but until then you can read up on what the devs want Insurgency: Sandstorm to be by hitting up


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