King Of Fighters XIV’s New DLC Character, Najd, Is A Saudi Crime Fighter

King of Fighters XIV - Najd

SNK Corporation seems to want to court a certain kind of crowd with their latest heroine, Najd. She’s a Saudi Arabian college student who dresses up in Abaya Saudi outfit at night to fight crime. Yes, it’s another Middle-Eastern, crime-fighting, super hero.

SNK seems to be borrowing from Volition Software’s playbook, who also had a Middle-Eastern, Muslim ninja heroine in the game Agents of Mayhem. That game didn’t fare too well on the market, though. spotted the latest trailer from SNK, which features the introduction of Najd. I suppose many of us who expected it to be Duolon were proven wrong.

The minute long trailer starts with a brief look at Najd and her stage before introducing us to her fighting style, which is very similar to Menat from Street Fighter V and Lin from King of Fighters 2000.

She has a mixture of spins, close-quarter slaps, and plenty of arcing blows to displace opponents.

Najd also appears to have some sort of shadow dragon ability. Her mysterious powers allow her to dish out damage to enemies when charged up.

She’s a fairly interesting character as far as fighting styles are concerned. Her story should also make Leftist jump up with joy given that she’s covered from head to toe, represents a person of color, and appears to be a Muslim. SNK obviously took some liberties with making sure that she retained her femininity and that her outfit wasn’t simply standard drapes and long linens, but appears to have some sort of mystical significance.

Story wise, Najd looks very similar to Krizalid and K’, so I’m curious if there’s some tie-in there? I guess we’ll find out when the DLC for King of Fighters XIV arrives on PC and PS4 this upcoming April.

You can pick up the current version of the game and the first DLC pack right now from digital distributors.

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