Last Hit Movie Will Center Around FGC, Main Villain Will Be “Personification Of GamerGate”
Justin Wong Last Hit

The FGC is probably tripping over itself in glee knowing that one of the faces of fighting game e-sports will be featured in an upcoming action-comedy called Last Hit.

Shoryuken is reporting that former EVO champion, Justin Wong, is currently signed on to make his film debut alongside Elias Theodorou and a few other FGC personalities, including Kayane, Luffy, and Zhi Lang Chew.

Shoryuken is reporting that the plot will center around Theodorou’s character, Denis Bergeron, who suffers an accident during his MMA career, sidelining him. Bergeron attempts to regain his standing as a top fighter… in e-sports.

In the film, the former MMA fighter takes up Street Fighter V, where he makes friends and enemies in the fighting game community. His arch-rival is a certain Chris Ballard, who is supposed to be the “personification of GamerGate”. I have no idea what that means but given that the entertainment industry has completely crapped on #GamerGate since 2014, I can only imagine that it will be a completely inaccurate portrayal of the consumer revolt.

The comment section on the Shoryuken article ignored most of every other tidbit of available information about the film and zeroed in on the “personification of GamerGate” line. Windrummerboy wrote in the comment section…

“”personification of gamergate” already made it political. Trash. Will pass and will make sure my friends do too.”

Most of the media have labeled #GamerGate as a harassment campaign to kick women out of gaming, a purely ludicrous claim. When the FBI investigated it the only thing they found out of the millions of tweets and thousands of people who were using the hashtag, was that there were a handful of trolls being trolls. The FBI wisely closed the case after realizing there was no actionable evidence.

A peer reviewed report by Women Action Media!, also couldn’t turn up evidence that indicated that #Gamergate was a harassment campaign.

Now this isn’t to say that the film Last Hit will automatically portray #GamerGate the way the media depicted it, but there’s a pretty good chance that the movie will depict #GamerGate the way the fake news media depicted it.


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