Live and Die in Kynseed, yet Death Not Ends It


‘One of my carrots has gone walkabout. It you see ‘im, tell ‘im to come ‘ome. ‘is dinner is ready’ – Worzel Scrumpy. 

To be honest that’s an excerpt of in-game lore I’ve managed to fish out of PixelCount this morning and while Kynseed positions itself as infused with the kind of eccentricity to chuckle at in between nibbles of English biscuits, I wasn’t sure how much of it would carry over to the full game.

After wasting several hours coursing through multiple issues of The PixelCount Post however, I’d say quite a bit.

Speaking of fishing, Pa had a set list of tasks waiting by my bedside of a flowing brook this morning. Misty eyed at 9 A.M I was asked to cast a line, feed the pets/piggies and tend to an assortment of mundane chores.

The first couple I aced but the piglets weren’t very keen on the freshwater produce I brought them. I tried some of the blueberries, apples, Grandma’s pudding recipe even to no avail. By 7 P.M even they grew tired of my piggybacking and so I ran into the woods utterly frustrated.

It all sounds like very typical of a Tuesday morning and in a way, it’s meant to; the sandbox of Kynseed is a two-dimensional, life simulating adventure after all with a pedigree that reads Lionhead Studios and Fable in multiple places.

In a similar idyllic countryside prologue offered by the demo described above, all things seem to bode well on a lovable family farm in the middle of Vale, with plenty of responsibilities and a best friend named Twig.

That is until a certain Mr. Fairweather walks into this pretty little summer postcard, offering you a magical acorn that you may plant, reap the benefits of, and foster a legacy that lasts for generations. The catch? Five years off your lifespan.

But if everything’s too much of a struggle as it most often is fret not, Fairweather will bring along his Box of Delights to make easier life’s tempests on regular visits; we’re talking the power to heal relationships, mend mistakes, a sharpening of battle prowess, all at an added life cost.

And yet once the years have passed and Fairweather finally comes to collect, it’s best to have a line of descendants and a befitting future to pass the acorn onto lest face Game Over. From there the journey endures as you play your own offspring, unravelling the bloodline with a soul that’s nothing less than sold.

Hard-hitting, isn’t it? There’s of course more this lovably hand-crafted open world has to offer in the form of lush in-game traditions, vocations to commit lives to, wisdom to inculcate and relationships to foster.

Here the land ages, the seasons come-and-go, monstrous legends abound and more importantly, the memories linger. Nearly after a year since being crowdfunded Kynseed is now being primed for a Steam Early Access release, which should be in a matter of weeks it seems.

At which point the opportunity to be a late piggy-backer will cease, and so will that of getting your hands on any of the Vale’s goodies on offer. Decisions, decisions.