Mario Tennis Aces Zone Shots, Trick Shots And Blocks Explained In New Trailer
Mario Striker Aces

Nintendo’s Mario Tennis Aces will feature the return of a story mode, where players will battle through various challenges in order to complete the story laid out before them.

Ahead of the game’s June 22nd launch this year, Nintendo is also hosting a special pre-launch online tournament. You’ll compete in one-vs-one bouts via the Nintendo Switch. Those details will be unveiled closer to toward the game’s release this summer.

As for the gameplay… Mario Tennis Aces has a lot of complex meta aspects to the game. There’s an all new zone shot that allows you precision aim on the court using motion controls to specifically target the area on the court.

There’s also racket breaks, where if you don’t properly block a zone shot your racket will take damage. If your racket takes too much damage it will break and you’ll forfeit the match, as showcased in the trailer below.

Zone shots take energy, and you have a limited pool of energy to use each match. Once it’s all used up, you’ll have to perform trick shots. Trick shots consume energy if you miss, but if you hit the ball with a trick shot you’ll earn energy.

There’s a rock, paper, scissors element to the game, so there’s a lot of strategy to this game even though it seems like it should be pretty basic.

However, if you don’t like the whole meta tennis aspect of Mario Tennis Aces, you can just settle for the simple rules instead, which prohibited zone shots, trick shots, and blocks. Instead, the simple rules force players to simply use lobs, slices and volleys.

In addition to this, Mario Tennis Aces supports up to four players in online gameplay.

You can also do two players in local team-play against other people online. A number of control setups are also supported, including sharing the left and right Joy-Con. You can either play with the controllers in horizontal modes or with motion controls that mimic real life tennis swings.

You can look for Mario Tennis Aces to launch on June 22nd exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


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