Microsoft To Unveil New Crackdown 3 Information Soon

There’s been a drought of Crackdown 3 news and information and Microsoft hasn’t provided all that much, until now. The open-world action game is said by the head of Xbox to gain info not too far from now.

According to publication site GameRant it said that the game that was supposed to release back in 2017 and is now scheduled to release sometime this year, will receive new information soon. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox confirmed that there are plans to release new info on Crackdown 3 soon.

Eager fans waiting to see what the delays are all about will gain knowledge on the game during an upcoming update. Additionally, the news about this update can be seen in its original state on Twitter, when a series of questions drew Spencer to say the following:

Using both the publication and Spencer as an indicator, it is said that Microsoft has a plan in place and the developers are “locked in” on a new “target date.” Sadly, it’s unclear when we will see this update that holds a wait time of “not too long,” but it will be in the following months.

Looking over to the rumor side of things, the site makes a suggestion that we could see something new for Crackdown 3 at a major games event like E3 2018, which would seem fitting and likely, but who knows.

For those of you who don’t know, Crackdown 3 was announced way back in 2014 and was pushed from its worldwide release of 2016 to 2017. In addition to that, things did not go too well in regards to its 2017 release and the game was pushed into a spring 2018 release. It doesn’t appear as if it will make the spring launch window either.

Time will surely tell if Crackdown 3 will release this year as intended or if it will face yet another delay. But if all is true based on Spencer and his latest tweet, would you be excited to see something new for Crackdown 3?

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