Murderous Pursuits, Victorian Assassination Stealth Game Beta Test Gets Underway
Murderous Pursuits

Scottish game developer Blazing Griffin announced that the first major closed beta for Murderous Pursuits, the PvP assassination game set during the Victorian era, will begin… now.

That’s right, this weekend you’ll be able to participate in the closed beta test for Murderous Pursuits. Between March 23rd and it will run up through March 25th noon Eastern Standard Time.

For those of you who make your way into the beta, you’ll be able to play-test the game’s stealth-driven PvP gameplay where the objective is to receive an assignment and then carry it out without being spotted.

The game could best be described as mixing in the PvP elements from Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood with the stealth elements of IO Interactive’s Hitman franchise.

You’ll have disguises and various objects to use at your disposal in order to take out other players, but if you get spotted then NPCs will come after you and apprehend you. You can check out the gameplay in the trailer below.

Blazing Griffin will be using what they’ve learned from their other stealth-based PvP game, The Ship, in order to broaden the clandestine gameplay mechanics of Murderous Pursuits.

The game centers around a group of guests invited to the flying airship of a prestigious aristocrat, only to find that some of the guests have murderous pursuits to identify a quarry and execute the murder without being spotted by other NPCs or other players. The objective is to carry out your task and escape without getting caught.

In order to blend in, players are encouraged to “think like an AI”. They’ll need to interact with the environment, carry out menial tasks, and pretend to be rote on a fixed path, just until it’s time to strike and then make a daring getaway.

The game offers both single-player pursuits and online multiplayer.

You can look for the full game to launch starting April 26th next month.


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