New Gundam Breaker PC And PS4 Launch Date And Heroines Detailed

Bandai Namco has detailed the release date of New Gundam Breaker,  along with releasing some info  on the heroines featured in the game. The action mecha game will release across PC and PS4, and has a new trailer showing off in-game footage.

If you happen to be intrigued by the works of mecha games, you might find interest in Bandai Namco’s New Gundam Breaker. The game is the fourth installment in the Gundam Breaker series by Bandai Namco, and will debut later this year.

The game is running on Unreal Engine 4 and will launch worldwide for PS4 and PC via Steam on June 22nd. In Japan, the only available version will be for the PS4 and it will launch on June 21st.

New Gundam Breaker will retain the basic fundamentals of its predecessors, however Gunpla will be built on frames. The frames not only act as a base for builds, but also grant buffs and other feats in combat.

In addition to this, players will be able to swap parts acquired by enemies during battle, which can be stored in an inventory menu where they can be switched.

Looking away from the ebb and flow of battle and to the heroines of New Gundam Breaker, there will be an option for players to date them. The six waifus consist of Shion Daikuuji (VA Sumire Uesaka), Chinatsu Kamisaka (VA Ayane Sakura), Marika Sakurai (VA Rie Murakawa), Ryoko Ohtori (VA Marina Inoue), Iori Koura (VA Mariya Ise), and Yui Mikagura (VA Nao Touyama).

You can see them in order as listed above right here:

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Folks who are waiting to see gameplay of New Gundam Breaker should be happy to know that Bandai Namco has cooked up a new video showing in-game footage. The video clocks in at two minutes and 38 seconds, which can be viewed below.

Gundam Breaker is set to launch across PC and PS4, and will hit both the West and Japan this June.

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