Oedipus Dating Sim Gives Gamers Choice To Steer Clear Of Incest
The Oedipus Dating Sim

There aren’t many dating simulators out there that give gamers really difficult moral decisions; games that challenge the fates have gamers thinking long and hard about whether or not they should have their character nab some tail, even when it comes from their own bloodline, or attempt to defy destiny. That’s the crux of Wholetone Games’ Oedipus Dating Sim, where you’ll attempt to keep the main character from hooking up and banging his own mother.

The general description for the game lays it all out nice and neat, where it states…

“Thousands of years ago, lived a man named Oedipus, king of Thebes and slayer of The Sphinx.A man whose fate was to kill his father, Laius, and then marry his own mother, Jocasta. But what if he could have gamed the system and cheated his own fate?”

With the setup in place, it’s time to pursue a hottie for Oedipus… or hook him up with his own mother, just like in the classic Greek tragedy from the playwright Sophocles.

The game has a more humorous tone to it than what the subject matter might lead on. Oedipus will receive some help from Dionysus, a television show host, along with guidance from the player in order to search out and find the one true romance for Oedipus. The hook is that the potential mates that will be available to Oedipus will be anonymous at first, and players will have to uncover their true identities through a dating game show of sorts.

You’ll be presented with a variety of options in order to help Oedipus avoid ending up in a situation that would likely break common decency laws in today’s society (unless you live in Rhode Island).

The game is themed around taking place over the course of 15 days with four different time periods. You’ll have six different characters available for Oedipus to date, including Jocasta, Odeipus’ mother; Clotho, the goddess of birth; Lachesis, the goddess of life; Atropos, the goddess of death; and two other mystery characters.

The developers are keen on keeping players playing by having a lot of replayability and multiple options available for when it comes to the dating options and the endings that can be unlocked. In fact, there are 10 different endings to unlock, seven of which are good, three of which are bad, and none of which are ugly.

There are several jobs for Oedipus to acquire, a couple of gambling options and various types of gifts and drinks with which to imbibe the ladies with, whether it be through pleasure or alcohol.

Oedipus Dating Sim is available right now for $2.99.


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