Outer Wilds Sees Players Trying To Solve A Cosmic Time-Loop Across The Vast Expanse Of Space

Outer Wilds

Annapurna Interactive recently unveiled a new sci-fi mystery game called Outer Wilds, which is themed around a solar system that gets trapped in a stasis field where it becomes part of an oscillating time-loop. Players will explore the cosmos and attempt to break the loop and set the universe right again.

There was no fancy lead-in for the trailer and no pompous description attached to the game, just a basic setup of what has occurred within the fictional universe and how players are going to attempt to set it right again.

The trailer for Outer Wilds was revealed recently by the developers, showcasing just under two minutes worth of in-engine footage. You can check it out below.

The trailer starts with the player sitting by a campfire while an astronaut plays a ukelele. However, things take a visually outstanding turn when the player steps away from the campfire only to see their spaceship getting sucked up by massive tornadoes.

The player character leaps into the spinning whirlwind to chase down their ship and climb back inside, thus beginning a series of small clips showcasing the ship bouncing and tumbling and crashing across a variety of hand-crafted worlds spanning a small but creatively magnificent solar system of visually immense characteristics.

We see a variety of scenarios and artistically creative locations that players will explore as they attempt to unravel the mystery behind the cosmic-encompassing time loop.

It’s hard to tell what the full scope of the gameplay will be like, but Annapurna seems to be gunning for something big; something mesmerizing.  We at least know that you can walk around, jump, and fly around in that beat-up spaceship, but beyond that it’s all mystery… just like the time-loop. It’s definitely a much larger-in-scope project than what the developers put out with What Remains of Edith Fitch.

You can keep track of the development for Outer Wilds, which is due to release on Steam later this year, by visiting the official website.

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