PC Building Simulator Adds CORSAIR And SilverStone

One of Claudiu Kiss and The Irregular Corporation’s dream was to see CORSAIR join the fold of companies and components in PC Building Simulator. Now that that dream is true, the team has announced the addition of SilverStone.

Ahead of PC Building Simulator’s March 27th exclusive PC release through Steam Early Access comes the news of CORSAIR and SilverStone joining the PC building sim. The game allows you to benchmark your rig, build different PCs using various parts, and then watch it work.

The good news is that the dev team is working to get more companies on board, which seems to be going rather well given the inclusion of CORSAIR.

You can read the dev team thoughts on the recent inclusion below:

“In what has been one of our most requested partners for the game, we’re elated to finally announce that CORSAIR are the latest hardware manufacturer to join the PC Building Simulator project!”

You can check out the excitement that CORSAIR has brought upon the dev team via a new video, which depicts the Crystal Series 570X RGB ATX Mid-Tower case.

Furthermore, the game will show off the TX-M Series PSUs, and Dominator Platinum Series RAM. All of these parts will be recreated and fully interactive/functional within the game when it launches.

Next up comes the assimilation of SilverStone. No video has been recorded by the dev team, but an image splash is up for the curious.

PC builders will have access to numerous SilverStone parts, cases and other components such as the PS14, the PM01-RGB, and the TJ11. Moreover, folks will have the option of the Strider Platinum series, the Essential series, and the Strider Titanium series.

It’s also worth noting that various CPU coolers from SilverStone will be available, too, like the NT06-PRO.

The latest information on PC Building Simulator can be found over on pcbuildingsim.com or on its Early Access page.