The Piano, Noir Horror Game Launches This Spring For PC
The Piano

After five years of development, Mistaken Visions’ Jonathan Stemmildt has announced that his noir-horror game, The Piano, will be available for PC starting this spring.

The teaser trailer for The Piano is a somber, black and white look at the early 20th century-themed horror title where we see the protagonist taking a ride while the piano rendition of Franz Schubert’s “Ellens Gesang III” plays in the background, which is probably very familiar to fans of IO Interactive’s Hitman series, where the vocal version of “Ave Maria” plays often throughout the various games in the franchise.

You can check out the teaser below. It doesn’t really give you much in the way of context for the narrative, but you will gain a very clear understanding of the game’s visual tone and the sort of horror themes that Stemmildt was gunning for.

The game centers around John Barnerway, whose three pianists brothers end up murdered. The media starts a witch-hunt on Barnerway, blaming him for their murders. Players will have to search through the early 20th century Parisian streets in France to find clues and uncover what really happened to Barnerway’s brothers.

However, Barnerway won’t be alone on the streets, and will have to dodge otherworldly specters while solving puzzles and attempting to gather the fragments to piece together the truth behind the demise of his family members.

Originally the game was supposed to be out a while ago, but some testers felt the game was pretty rough around the edges. Stemmildt ended up teaming up with Richard & Alice director, Lewis Denby, to finish off the game.

Denby explained in the press release…

“I first discovered The Piano 18 months ago. When Jonathan sent me an early demo, I found a game that, while rough around the edges, had an atmosphere and personality unlike anything I’d ever played before – and since then, Jonathan and I have kept collaborating on occasion, slowly nudging it towards completion.”

It’s tough to tell how many of those jagged edges were smoothed out after Denby joined the project, but I suppose we’ll find out when The Piano launches this spring for PC.


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