PlayFusion Teams Up With Crytek To Bring Enhanced AR Tech To CryEngine

Recently it has been reported that PlayFusion will team up with Crytek to bring enhanced augmented reality (AR) tech to CryEngine. Additionally, this deal will bring multiplayer AR capabilities to CryEngine, too.

According to it has been reported that in a deal between the two companies, folks will see the industry’s “most feature-rich and performant AR technology” come through this Enhanced Reality Engine.

Moreover, the multiplayer augmented reality capabilities set to hit one of the later versions of CryEngine was announced by Cambridge-based enhanced reality developer: PlayFusion.

According to the publication site, the collaboration will see PlayFusion license its Enhanced Reality Engine development platform to Crytek, adding said tech to “CryEngine’s capabilities.”

Crytek founder and joint CEO, Avni Yerli, made mention that the platform is “feature-rich” and that it’s pretty much noteworthy tech. In addition to Crytek thoughts on the whole thing, a newly published press release reads that…

“Together, our proprietary technologies comprise the world’s first comprehensive mixed reality platform-as-a-service spanning IoT hardware, computer vision, audio recognition, machine learning and deep data,” said Crytek in a statement.


“PlayFusion enables entirely new and compelling experiences that are seamlessly connected, telemeterized, and dynamic on the fastest, most efficient, feature-rich platform on the mobile market today.”

If you don’t know, PlayFusion is founded by many industry veterans, and has worked on “leading” artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic technologies in order to pursue mixed reality development and this very collaboration.

There’s no telling how this partnership will pan out in the future, and most importantly if gamers and fans alike will take to this tech at launch, however time will tell what’s to come of this move.

Lastly, Crytek announced not too long ago CryEngine 5.5. This new build includes “260 improvements” and full access to the editor source code.

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