Professor Lupo and His Horrible Pets Infest Booth PL4309, GDC

Scouring the galaxy for the most baffling of life forms, housing them in the Ark-like Aurora Station and throwing a party for a commission of warlords is not uncharacteristically mad of Professor Lupo.

Neither is throwing his interns into the jowls of some of his favorite pets. In fact it’s all chuckles and guffaws until the Aurora’s hit by a few rogue missiles, mid-space, and its inhabitants let loose.

Professor Lupo and His Horrible Pets then is really a day-in-the-life log of one of his unnerved interns. Caught in a riot of not-so-pleasant beasts, said intern must dodge, exploit and pretty much restore normalcy to Aurora’s antics.

Pointing n’ clicking, across 100 levels of puzzle-adventure. I understand that if you don’t like your brain tickled this might seem like a daunting prospect. But, 

  • Nihilumbra, BeautiFun’s first from 2013, seemed like another been-there-done-that puzzle-platformer for the masses that could be easily overlooked with its iffy narrator.

When also it turned out to be lauded for its comfortable degree of challenge, unique aesthetics and a pleasing narrative for an overall easy-going experience for everyone. Void Mode additional for those in need of upping the ante.

User highlights have apparently included the game’s penchant for comedy and quality voice-acting although admittedly, criticism was directed at its mechanics.

Through these, assurances that each of Professor Lupo’s levels are re-playable, come with comfortably placed checkpoints so that you’re not repeating whole levels all-at-once, and that everything is narrative-focused find some credence.

Add in distinctive voice overs for each character, and the promise of hilarity seems to be there. As it stands the game is complete, which is what the Spanish studio would like you to try at booth PL4309, GDC this week.

Neat fridge magnets are complementary.

And while you’re there, be sure to tell me how you’ve enjoyed Blazing Legion: Ignition, Dead Static Drive and Lamplight City, yes?



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