Project Nightmares, Mind-Scavenging Horror Game Preps For Early Access
Project Nightmares

Argentina developers, NC, have announced that there’s a new survival-horror game in the works called Project Nightmares. The Unity 3D-powered title’s announcement was accompanied by a three and a half minute trailer to give you a look at what to expect from the project.

The game is about a group known as Project Nightmares. They’re part of a paranormal scientific experiment from 1982 that delved into connecting the human mind with supernatural objects in order to discover, investigate and ultimately defeat the evil within. This process includes scavenging through nightmare scenarios in hopes of solving cases and getting out alive.

The first gameplay trailer for Project Nightmares centers around case 36, which gives gamers a brief idea of what the gameplay will be like in the survival-horror title.

The video starts with Henrietta Kedward’s file – you’ll have to explore creepy hallways and open drawers to examine items.

The setup for the game sounds very similar to Tarsem Singh’s 2000 flick, The Cell. However, it’s far less of an exercise in visionary grandiloquence. Instead, it suffices for tight corridors and Silent Hill-inspired creepiness.

Later into the gameplay video the player character passes through a portal where footsteps can be heard and attempt to make their way through the halls. Of course, things don’t go so well and they end up encountering a demonic that takes a bite out of their face.

It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, just refined and with enough post-processing to make most people think that it’s an Unreal Engine game. The reality is that this will likely be used as a visual showcase for the power of the Unity 3D game engine, which has become their M.O., recently, especially after teaming up with South African filmmaker Neill Blomkamp for his take on Adam.

According to German gaming website The Crazy Hunters, Project Nightmares will enter into Early Access on PC… very soon.


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