Pure Farming 2018: Guide For Installing Mods

Pure Farming 2018 from Techland and Ice Flames is currently out now, and the game features the ability to mod the game. If you’re interested in modding Pure Farming 2018 there’s a quick guide to help teach you how.

Gamers on PC will be able to download mods and use them from various sites. Folks on PS4, and Xbox will get PC mods through free DLC as noted on pf2018mods.com.

Ice Flames have also shared the following video, which is a complete tutorial on who to download and install mods for the game. You can watch the video guide below courtesy of Epic Pryda Mods to learn how Pure Farming 2018 modding works.

Next up comes converting mods that exist in other games like Farming Simulator 2017 into Pure Farming Simulator 2018. YouTuber SimulAgri.fr has a video tutorial up on the conversion of an existing tractor: The John Deere 6170R.

You can use Closed Caption (CC) and its auto-translate if the video’s tongue is foreign to you.

The last step to this guide is about editing content in Pure Farming 2018. To do this, Pure Farming allows you to edit backup files with a text editor. Thanks to SimulAgri.fr you will be able to get rich in no time.

Firstly, start a game in Sandbox Mode and make a backup to then quit the game. In your file explorer go to C: Users AppData LocalLow Techland Pure Farming 2018 Game Save, and search the directory of the backup to edit the files “SavePF0.psav” and “AdditionalInfoPF.psav”.

Open the two files with Notepad (or any other text editor) and search (Ctrl + F) on the value of your portfolio “default 25000” and add zeros or any number(s) you’d like to this figure. Back up your files and restart the game and you should be swimming in money.

Modding the game isn’t too difficult, so those of you who feel Pure Farming 2018 needs various improvements, you can use the mods to do so.

Pure Farming 2018 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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