Ragtag Adventures, Boss-Rush Co-op Game Graduates From Steam Early Access
Ragtag Adventures

Bosnian game developer, Prime Time Studio, announced that Ragtag Adventures has successfully graduated from Steam Early Access and has launched in full for just $6.99. The game is an off-kilter boss-rush title for up to four-players. You can play either local co-op or online co-op, teaming with friends to take down a number of celestial, otherworldly, and extra-dimensional enemies across a variety of vibrant maps with unique bosses to battle.

The shared screen means that you have to quarter your space and keep on the move to avoid being pelted, smashed, shot, sliced, stomped, grabbed, trampled, and blasted by enemy fire.

The four playable characters each have a role to play on the battlefield. It’s not just a run-and-gun or hack-and-slash title where everyone hops into the arena and starts wailing away. Each character fits into a class role, and must fulfill that role if success is to be achieved.

For instance, the character Tank is basically a dude with a giant stone for a head. He is inevitably the tank of the group (as if his name and face wasn’t enough of a giveaway). He has special abilities to raise aggro and draw fire from the bosses away from his fellow teammates.

The Paladin is the healer of the team, using an orb to direct energy at enemies to damage them or using AOE energy to heal teammates.

The Mage uses a variety of elemental attacks to attack foes, and the Fighter is a demoness utilizes combos to deal DPS.

As is typical with almost every new game the fighter is female, which should come as no surprise by now for anyone paying attention to the way the gaming industry has been unfolding over the last six years.

Nevertheless, Ragtag Adventures added plenty of new content from Early Access to full launch, including two new bosses, five new spells for each character class, and plenty of fixes for certain parts of the gameplay that the community informed the developers about.

If you were interested in a 3D, isometric, co-op boss rush game, you can learn more about Ragtag Adventures, which is currently available on the Steam store for $6.99. During the launch week you can get the game for 30% off the normal price, bringing down the already cheap launch price to just $4.89.


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