Ready Or Not Dev Update Touches On Weapons, AI And Gameplay

Void Interactive has released a new update detailing Ready or Not, a game that will attempt to mix realistic tactics with darkly vivid scenarios in a SWAT-like setup. The tactical single-player PC game is currently in development, and this newest update offers a peek at what’s being cooked up.

Ready or Not sounds like a modern continuation of the older Rainbow 6 games, except much darker. Void Interactive’s new title will explore controversial cases that an elite SWAT team must diffuse, sometimes unfolding in unlikely places.

The third update exploring Ready or Not can be found on, and depicts real-time, in-game footage.

On the topic of gameplay, AI in the game can be spontaneous and very lethal. Unrestrained suspects might get up and run when there are no SWAT members around. This could lead to another possibility of them finding another weapon in which to defend themselves with.

An example of spontaneous AI lies below, in which the suspect falls and rolls behind a vending machine to take cover. One of the SWAT officers engages the suspect before he has a chance to fire back.

Spontaneous acts also apply to civilian AI, too, which means some will panic when shots are fired. When the going gets tough, they will try to find a clear exit or run away. Likewise, perpetrators may try to use civilians as a tactical shield as you attempt to apprehend them.

Void Interactive also announced that they are working on weighty animations, quick reloads that allow you to pick up discarded magazines/clips, and other functions to add to the overall feel of the game.

Three short videos show the aforesaid via death animations, how to check your ammo count using the MP5, and quick reloads using the Five-Seven pistol.

If all goes well, Ready or Not won’t have randomized heads on a few select number of bodies, but a massive number of fully detailed individuals tailored for each level’s environment. This tech was achieved by a scan of 128 men, women, and children for use in the game.

If this game seems like something you can get behind, you can keep up with Void Interactive’s work by paying a visit.


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