Robocraft Royale, Mech-Based Battle Royale Game Enters Early Access March 26th
Robocraft Royale

Giant robotic beasts, aircraft, and mechanized fighters all jam packed into a sandbox arena where only the toughest (and smartest) will survive is the general gist behind Freejam’s Robocraft Royale.

The upcoming game is set to make its debut into Early Access on Steam starting March 26th, following a suit of beta tests that Freejam is conducting leading up to the Early Access launch.

In fact, there’s another beta test set to get underway starting March 8th, and then another test is set to follow on March 15th, just ahead of the Early Access run. So there’s going to be a lot of testing and tweaking on Freejam and Ghostshark Games’ end when it comes to getting the game ripe and ready for release for the general public on Steam.

Robocraft Royale - Flyer

The Early Access version of Robocraft Royale will feature a 64 square kilometer sandbox map, giving gamers a lot of room to explore and utilize for tactical advantageous combat exercises. Much like every other Battle Royle game out there that’s currently making waves in the gaming community, Robocraft Royale will feature 100 players doing battle across the custom made maps running on Freejam’s own bespoke engine.

You can check out some of the gameplay for Robocraft Royale with the trailer below.

The map won’t just be a giant empty space, though. There will be crashed spaceships, structures, hiding spaces, mountains, forests, and fjords to move through with your mechanized fighter or flyer.

The custom robot building during the middle of the match won’t be available during the Early Access version, but you will be able to loot and acquire some customization elements during the match. I know this is likely a really big drawback for some players, because in the original Robocraft, the big selling point is customizing your very own mechs and battle craft to take on other players. But Freejam has plans on upgrading and updating the system, so maybe we’ll see custom player creations at some point further into development? Personally, I think the battle customizations would be a serious game-changer and put Robocraft Royale in a other league compared to other Battle Royale games out there.

Robocraft Royale - Sniper

Anyway, the de-cubing deconstruction system will carry over from the standard Robocraft, so you can blow off limbs, weapons and body parts from your opponents.

Robocraft Royale is scheduled to stay in Early Access for just three month’s time. You’ll be able to pick up a digital copy for $19.99. You can wishlist the game or keep an eye on the Steam store page in preparation for the March 26th launch.


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