Rocket Jockey Remake Announced With Four-Player Split-Screen
Rocket Jockey

Burn Ward Games announced that Rocket Jockey is making a return to form for PC and home consoles. The game will revive the classic arena, racing, and battling rock simulator that came out back in 1996 from Rocket Science.

The remake is being built on top of the Unreal Engine 4, and it’s being faithfully reconstructed from the ground up with completely original assets and all new levels, rockets, and pilots for today’s generation of gaming. A teaser trailer was released, showcasing a lot of the true-to-form designs from the 1996 game updated for 2018. We see that four-player split-screen is being implemented, and being able to run on foot, set traps, tether to objects (and pilots) and crash the rockets are all present.

Blues spotted the announcement, which explains that the developers are staying true to the roots of one of the greatest PvP games ever made…

“A reimagining of one of the most overlooked games from the 90’s, Rocket Jockey brings back all of the chaos, surf guitar, and humor of Rocket Science Game’s original 1996 cult classic. Fly on top of modern jet engines with classic car chassis at break-neck speeds. Use your left and right grappling hooks to swing around pillars and grab other players off of their rockets. Drag, fling, clothesline, slam and string up your friends.”

The description is 100% spot-on to what the classic from 1996 was all about. It was a difficult game to play due to the glitches and crashing, but if you could get it working right there was absolutely no game out at the time that was as engaging or as unique as Rocket Jockey. I would play the demo (and eventually the full version) for hours on end.

What made Rocket Jockey so unique was that it had physics-based rocket engines with ponton-inspired frames working as the chassis. You would use tethered grappling hooks to latch onto other rockets and break apart their fins or force the other players to crash into walls. It was magnificent.

YouTuber Vitali Kromine has a video compilation of the original Rocket Jockey to give you a look at some of the insane action from the original game.

It was neat because you could knock off other players and then steal their rocket. There was definitely some Road Rash elements present.

In the remake you’ll have access to more rockets, pilots, cutosmization features, and three game modes, including Jockey Toss, Deathmatch, and Racing.

You can keep an eye on the game’s progress by visiting the official Rocket Jockey website.


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