Rogue Aces, 360-Degree 2D Arcade Shooter Launches April 12 For Switch, Vita, PS4

Rogue Aces

Infinite State Games and Curve Digital announced that Rogue Aces will launch for PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch starting April 12th, 2018. Yes, I know… this is probably startling news to PS Vita owners, almost as startling as finding out Ryan Seacrast has a girlfriend who was born with two X chromosomes.

The game features 360 degree aerial dogfighting on a 2D plane. Now this is very rare for a lot of 2D games due to the way many of them are designed, but in Rogue Aces you’re able to fly both forward and backward and up and down, similar to the old DOS game, Sopwith.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the gameplay trailer below.

The hook for the game is that the gameplay is themed around procedurally generated levels based around World War II missions, which includes bombing boats, blasting opposing fighters out of the sky, and even blasting down cities and factories just like the Americans giving Hiroshima a big, sloppy load of explosive Western ordinance.

Graphically, the game utilizes 32-bit quality sprite-work, and lots of easy-going gameplay that was designed for “pick up and play sessions”, according to the creative director, Mike Daw, from Infinite State Games.

In fact, Daw states in the press release that the game was themed around players who have anywhere between five minutes and 50 minutes of play-time to put into Rogue Aces, saying…

“Its short, frenetic levels are great if you’ve got a spare 5, 15 or even 50 minutes. And while Rogue Aces’ aerial combat might initially appear simple our controls and mechanics keep the proceedings super fun and deep.”

There’s a full campaign mode that includes a number of different quests, from rescuing prisoners, to shooting down enemy bombers, to making bombing runs. There’s also a Bomber Defense Mode and a Rogue Ace Mode.

The additional modes will also support online leaderboard support and cross-buy support for PS4 and PS Vita gamers.

You can look to get your hands on Rogue Aces starting next month on April 12th.