Scorn Update Reveals Concept Art For Player Interface And Puzzles

Development on Scorn is going rather well according to Ebb Software. The small team is currently working on the game, and while other members may be at GDC 2018, progress made on the game can be seen through new concept art.

The third update has arrived and explores the mechanical and fleshy world of Scorn, this includes objects and puzzles that hold interactive functions. We can see three pieces that will supposedly make it in the final product of Scorn.

Firstly, we see variations of player interface concept art, which the first podium-like thing was featured in the demo of the game. The concept art, however, shows a variety of this interactive podium in different forms.

It is unclear as to what the second concept art depicts, but according to Ebb Software it’s said to be different “controls” for the “interface.” We see three angles of this thing — top, bottom, side — and a cord thing, too.

Lastly, we see half of an open bridge construction that could possibly fold and rotate over to create more bridge space. It is unclear as to how this puzzle functions, but Ebb Software explains that it is a “mechanical part of the puzzle.”

You can see all three concept pieces right here, as seen below.

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Ultimately, I’m very excited to see more of Scorn given its polish, design, and scope to be an indie title. Hopefully development continues as according to plan, which it sounds that way given the new post by Ebb Software makes no mention of any development issues.

You can read up on what’s going on regarding Scorn‘s development by hitting up The new post covers what’s been going on and how Ebb Software is trying to keep up with its to-do-list as a small team.

Scorn will release in two parts, with the first part planned to hit PC via Steam and GOG (DRM free) sometime this year.


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