Sega Teases New Untitled Sonic Racing Game

Sega has a new “top secret” project in the works that involves Sonic and racing. The teaser trailer does not reveal what this secret game is, but folks who enjoy both Sonic and racing games now have something to look forward to.

Sonic had his ups and downs, but there’s no denying that he made a splash when he first appeared. Gamers took to the blue hedgehog and wanted to see more of him in different genres after the initial success on the Sega Genesis.

Some games that Sonic appeared in featured him doing a lot of stuff outside the box, but one genre that still pops frequently enough features him racing not only on foot but in vehicles.

Gamers were introduced to Sonic R, Sonic Drift, and Sonic and All-Stars Racing. Many gamers suspected that the new game is a continuation of the Sonic and All-Stars Racing series, but this can’t be the case given that Sega noted this game will not be a continuation to past titles.

Sadly, at this point and time, the new trailer only reveals an “R” as a hint. A car is in question too, but that only confirms the obvious. You can play detective and look over the new trailer below, which comes in by Sonic the Hedgehog channel.

As seen in the video, it shows a car before focusing on the shadow of a logo. The interesting thing about this logo is that the letter R begins to glow.

Given that this game won’t continue Sonic R, a racing game that came out for the Sega Saturn back in 1997, means that we might see Sonic with familiar and unfamiliar faces using different vehicles.

This mystery Sonic game could feature others characters outside of Sonic, but if this is a new series or game, hopefully it’s a worthwhile title and not something that will put Sega further down the meme pit and in danger.

With that said, what’s your thoughts on this new “top secret” Sonic racing game?

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