The Sinking City Dev Diary Covers Cthulhu Mythos, 1920s Art Design
The Sinking City

Frogwares Games released some new gameplay footage for their Lovecraftian-inspired third-person exploration game, The Sinking City. A new five minute developer documentary was released that explains what the gameplay is about, what the story is about, how the game plays, and what gamers can expect.

Frogwares is a small Ukrainian studio known for their series of Sherlock Holmes games. Their latest title, The Sinking City, is set during the 1920s and themed around the Cthulhu-mythos.

YouTuber MKIceandFire rolled out the developer diary for the upcoming Xbox One, PS4 and PC title that you can check out below.

The game takes place across various districts that can be reached by boat. Players will travel across to these locations to take on or complete quests. I would be remiss to forfeit an opportunity to point that the one talking sequence early in the video reminded me a lot of Fallout 4.

Anyway, beyond that the game has a very distinctive look. It captures the grimy look of the poor parts of America during the 20s.

Speaking of the game’s look… Frogwares had to step away from the tried and tested method of using baked in lighting, and finally switch over to physically based rendering. The dynamic lighting cuts down on a ton of time and also allowed the team to free up a lot of time-intensive resources.

In order to capture the “distinctive” look I talked about, Frogwares had to outsource the light engineering to a separate team in Kiev in order to rig the lighting in the game to capture a very distinctive look based on the look and tone of artists like the German-born Caspar David Friedrich, and the imagery of American photographer, Gregory Crewdson.

The Sinking City - Rain

The Sinking City - Artwork

The team is also working on multiple endings, so that players who uncover certain clues will unlock the “good” ending.

You can keep track of development by visiting the official Frogwares website, where they keep blogs and updated news information on The Sinking City. You can look for the game to debut on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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