Solo, Wind Waker-Style Puzzler Was Designed To Give Gamers A Safe Space
Solo Game

Spanish developers Team Gotham announced that Solo, a 3D platforming puzzle game, will launch on April 26th next month for PC.

The game features an introspective narrative about love, and whether or not you’ll put the love of your soulmate before the love of your family. The game wraps this narrative up within a idyllic visual adventure set across various tropical islands with eye-catching visuals and a shader system that mimics gouraud minimalism.

The objective of the game is to make your way across the islands, solving the platforming and block puzzles while interacting with some of the inhabitants. The story was put together by Jordi de Paco, who also wrote The Red Strings Club and Gods Will Be Watching, while the rest of Team Gotham handled the gameplay and art.

It’s hard not to see the game and think of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. The style is very, very similar, and the fact that you use the boat to sail around the archipelagos to discover and solve puzzles will likely draw in gamers who enjoy that style of gameplay.

You can also choose your character, so you’re not stuck playing as a single designated protagonist. In between solving puzzles you can feed the animals, interact with the wildlife, play music, or take photographs.

According to Juan De La Torre, the creative director at Team Gotham, the game was designed to give gamers a “safe space”. Obviously this is geared toward a very specific segment of the market demographic and it’s not for gamers who prefer hardcore titles and challenging gameplay experiences…

“Solo offers players a safe space they can comfortably wrap themselves in while providing the option to reflect on love’s place in their life in a way only possible through video games,”


“The welcoming world, metaphoric story, creative puzzle solving mechanics and other small details bring the kindness of the isles to life so the player is free to think about what matters most.”

So basically for all those college students who can’t cope with real life and need “safe spaces”, this is a game for you.

I don’t know if normal gamers will still find it to their liking, but you can look for the game to launch on April 26th for $14.99 on PC. You can learn more by visiting the official website.


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