Soul Calibur VI Reveals Geralt Of Rivia As A Playable Character
Soul Calibur VI Geralt

Bandai Namco’s Soul Calibur VI ranks are filling up as we progress toward the fighting game’s mysterious launch date. One of the latest characters to join the stage of history comes Geralt of Rivia. Soul Calibur VI is set to debut across PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime this year.

On March 6th, Marcin Momot of CD Projekt Red teased that Geralt would step out of the realm of The Witcher and into another world. As of today, Momot shares his excitement for Geralt’s appearance in Soul Calibur VI:

That’s right, the deadly monster slayer who trained at the elite school of the Wolf, in Kaer Morhen, will be able to take to the battlefield and use combat magic and steel to ward off his counterparts.

If that’s not enough for you, Geralt’s English VA, Doug Cockle, returns to reprise the role of The Witcher.

Bandai Namco also released this introductory bio explaining Geralt in Soul Calibur VI, if you are a fan looking to gather any information on the character before he releases to the masses to play it’s best you read it:

“Geralt was trained at the elite School of the Wolf and is considered one of the deadliest monster slayers. He possesses superhuman reflexes and strength, as well as superior sword fighting skills. Players who choose to fight as Geralt will utilize the witcher’s signature fighting style — a combination of swordplay, ability-enhancing potions, and combat magic.


Doug Cockle — the English voice of Geralt of Rivia — returns in Soulcalibur VI to reprise the role. Gamers will also be able to fight in Kaer Morhen — home keep of the School of the Wolf. Accompanying players in battle will be “Hunt or be Hunted” — an iconic composition from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt soundtrack.”

Lastly, it’s worth noting that this series is known to pluck melee weapon-based characters from different genres into its realm. Given that Geralt uses swords and Bandai Namco was the publisher of both The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in Europe pretty much helps explain his most recent appearance in Soul Calibur VI.

Soul Calibur VI will hit PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in 2018.


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