Square Enix Reveals Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Teaser Trailer

Square Enix has unveiled a new trailer and artwork that teases Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. The game in question is a 2006 released PSP port of the 1999 PS1 Valkyrie Profile, and is hinted at by Square Enix as a remastered  re-release this year.

Catching wind from publication site Gematsu, it is said that Square Enix has released a teaser trailer of Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. Additionally, the trailer sports a name of “First Teaser Trailer 2018”, which means the game could see a release this year if no complications arise.

The publication site points out that Square Enix wrote in the description of the video that “In 2018, the goddess descends.” Moreover, the Japanese text in the trailer is translated saying:

“You have the right to live. I am a selector of souls. I choose human souls like I’m picking flowers!? What is a Valkyrie!? Am I a god of death?”

Joining the above comes the launch of a Twitter account for the game, and artwork accompanying the project’s Twitter account as seen below.

If you are curious and want to see what’s up with this Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, the official teaser trailer by Square Enix lies below.

Something worth noting about this project: although it has not been confirmed, it’s likely to be a mobile game. According to Famitsu App, a place that covers mobile titles, features this very project on it.

At this point it is unclear what this game will be like at launch, but it is for certain that it is Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth.

The good news is that Square Enix will reveal the game soon. How soon you may ask? Well, maybe in a week’s time or so we should get a confirmation by Square Enix through a post or a new video detailing everything there is to know about Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth.


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