All-Star Fruit Racing, Split-Screen Kart Racer Lands On Switch, PS4, XB1 This July

All Star Fruit Racing

PQube announced that they will be publishing the colorful fruit-themed kart racer from for home consoles this July. All-Star Fruit Racing was originally announced last year in April, and eventually headed into Early Access on Steam in September of 2017.

The game is themed around the colorful food-themed kart racing from Wreck-It Ralph. The developers built an entire racing game around the concept of collecting fruit, mixing them up, and using special power-ups to out-maneuver and out-power your opponents on the track. The game features a career mode where you can unlock new characters, championships and karts, along with other standard competitive modes such as drag races, hill climbs, elimination races, and time attack modes.

You’ll need to fill up the juicer by collecting fruit that perform different tasks. You can see how the juicer liquid tank works in combination with the fruit collecting and power-ups with the gameplay trailer below.

Yes, you may have noticed that while the game’s graphics are rather inviting and the environments are filled with tropical, fruit-themed aesthetics, the playable characters are all females. Only females.

If you’re not keen on this gender-limited option for All-Star Fruit Racing, you might want to look elsewhere to whet your kart-quenched appetite.

However, if you don’t mind that there is a gynocentric theme in All-Star Fruit Racing, the game does offer multiplayer options in addition to the single-player career mode. You can play with up to three other players in four-player split-screen via local play, or you can take the action online with the eight-player online mode that will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC editions of the game. Sadly it doesn’t sound like the Nintendo Switch will receive the online racing mode, which is a major bummer, if true.

You can also customize your kart with more than 32,000 possible combinations. You can learn more about All-Star Fruit Racing by visiting the PQube official website.