Star Wars: Battlefront Ultimate Commander Mod Beta Updated With New Maps, Factions
Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Commander Mod

The independent development team working on the Star Wars: Battlefront Ultimate Commander mod have updated the mod and released the latest demo for the massive project, which now includes more playable factions, new maps, new content, and all new vehicles and units. If you’ve been disappointed with EA and DICE’s take on Star Wars: Battlefront so far — with all the limited content features, gambling and loot boxes — you might want to check out the Ultimate Commander mod for Pandemic’s Battlefront II.

The mod was updated during March, and now features the Imperial Civil War era. It also includes new maps, and four new modes: Order 66, Imperial VS Locals, Red VS Blue, Mandolorians.

A Hero Assault mode has been made available on the Coruscant map, along with an XL edition of the Mygeeto map for massive skirmishes. HD map reskins were completed for Coruscant, Yavin 4, Mos-Eisley, Mygeeto and Naboo, and they’ve added 40 new weapons, along with new playable units and vehicles. You can check out the trailer for the demo beta below to see what’s new for the mod.

As you can see, there are a lot of changes that have been made to the core game, including an overhaul of the textures for many of the units, all new weapons with new weapon firing modes, and upgraded maps.

The new modes for the game are all in alpha, so don’t expect them to work perfectly. There are still some tweaks and changes that are needed.

The team also has plans on overhauling the game’s heads-up display as they near completion of the mod. They’ve been slowly adding new content over time and updating it when big new changes are inbound.

The total mod will stretch to over 5GB and will require about 1.5GB of RAM to play. You’ll also need the official version of Star Wars: Battlefront II installed, along with unofficial patch 1.3 installed. The demo itself clocks in at 1.2GB and you can download it right now from over on the ModDB page.


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