My Sweet Waifu Enters Early Access, Lets You Chat In Real-Time With A Virtual Waifu
My Sweet Waifu

The advancements in technology has allowed us to experience a great wave of innovative ideas both in the realm or hardware and software. In fact, there have been some groundbreaking advancements in tech when it comes to machine learning and dating simulators, allowing gamers to finally chat and interact with their waifu like never before.

Enter My Sweet Waifu, a game from Indonesian game development outlet Miracle Gates Entertainment that has just recently launched through Steam’s Early Access program for $2.99. The single-player title fits into the romance visual novel genre, but it also takes things a step further by including the ability to chat in real-time with the chatbot known as Mizuki Yuuna.

The tagline for the game is quite interesting, as it reads…

“Mizuki Yuuna as the main character is ready to talk with you, you can ask her anything, you can teach her everything, and make her as your virtual waifu.”

Yes, that’s right… you can ask her anything and you can teach her anything.

The game is themed around making your waifu happy by giving her food, chatting her up about various interests, creating a schedule, and completing mini-game challenges to get money in order to buy treats for Yuuna.

There isn’t a whole lot of options and depth to the dating sim right now, but Miracle Gates plans on adding new content to the game during its Early Access run. They’re currently taking feedback from the community over the course of the next three months as they hone their craft and hew a more refined gameplay experience out of My Sweet Waifu.

There is a complaint in one of the user reviews about the game not having much content and that it lacks the ability to save progress. I imagine you might want to wait on purchasing the game until a save feature is added.

Even still, if you wanted to keep an eye on the game or add it to your wishlist, you can do so by visiting the Steam store page.


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