Synthetik Rekindles The Glory Days Of Crusader On Steam,

Flow Fire Games released their isometric rogue-lite, cooperative shooter, Synthetik, on both Steam and You can pick up a digital copy right now for $14.99, but during the first week of being on sale you can pick it up for 15% off for only $12.74.

The game is set in 1985, and AI servants for the Kaida Corporation have gained sentience, eventually forming a rebellion and set to carry out mass genocide on the human race. You take on the role of an android prototype and his buddy, as they attempt to invade the Kaida Corporation and kill every single robot droid in sight until they dismantle Kaida and ensure the glory and safety of mankind… forever.

Synthetik is a fast-paced isometric action game with rogue-lite elements. It also sports a cooperative mode but it’s only available via online play, so you’ll either need a second computer to LAN-it-up or you’ll need to team with one of your online friends.

Once you hop into the game you’ll trek through Kaida Corp., unleashing a barrage of bullet-ridden pain onto the unsuspecting tin-cans who don’t know that Armageddon is an arsenal of high-powered weaponry, and you’ve got your finger on the trigger.

While the gameplay is very similar to Origin’s old Crusader games, there are actually some hints of Platinum Games’ Vanquish in there as well. You can utilize a temporal acceleration maneuver to evasively get out of the way in the blink of an eye.

The game has some slick looking combat and there’s an arsenal of high-powered weapons to get your hands on in order to dispense some titanium-shredding justice on the robot drones who tried to go Skynet on society but found out that they invited the Terminator into their own backyard, and he’s a got a penchant for kicking metal in the can.

However, it won’t be an easy walk through the factory. There are various difficulty modifications that can be employed utilizing 10 different settings to give you the sort of challenge you crave.

There are also four different customizable classes each with their own weapon specializations, loadouts, perks and skillsets tailored to the kind of play-style that fits your isometric-shooting-spree needs.

You can learn more about Synthetik or grap a copy by visiting the Steam store page or the page.


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