Tennis World Tour Unveils Legends Edition Featuring Andre Agassi, John McEnroe
Tennis World Tour

Bigben Interactive and Breakpoint Studios announced that Tennis World Tour will receive a special Legends Edition, along with pre-order bonuses. But we all know the rule about not pre-ordering games… right? Right?!

Well, Bigben made it known that those of you who pre-order Tennis World Tour will receive a playable version of tennis legend Andre Agassi in his classic 1995 outfit. Additionally, you’ll receive Roger Federer’s Wils Pro Staff 97RF racket for use in career mode.

The Legends Edition will come with both Andre Agassi and Roger Federer’s special racket, but you also receive John McEnroe as a playable character in his classic 1990’s outfit.

You’ll also receive the Wilson Pro Staff 97 racket, and an exclusive trainer that provides bonus experience points, along with the “legend” title for use in the competitive multiplayer modes.

The game is the latest in the not-so-frequently published tennis titles released for home consoles. The last notable tennis games came out back on the OG Xbox with Top Spin, featuring a robust career mode, local multiplayer, customizable characters and various top name tennis stars.

Tennis World Tour isn’t quite a step above that, as the animations are pretty stiff and the gameplay looks very mediocre, as evident in the gameplay video below from Play4Games.

To be completely honest, this looks like something that would be on the PlayStation 2… but it has PlayStation 3 resolution.

The snappy animations is a real turnoff here, especially with today’s technology that allows for seamless animation blending. Heck, the tools for tree blends are oftentimes built right into the engines.

Anyway, Tennis World Tour is due to come out for PS4, Xbox One, PC and the Nintendo Switch. Maybe the reason for the graphics downgrades is to accommodate for the Switch’s portable mode?

You can look for Bigben’s sports title to drop for the home consoles and PC starting May 22nd.


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