Why Thanks, Kaliban. Now Crying Suns Has Me Intrigued.

Let’s run with this little theme of concepts a little while longer, please?

I’d be lying if I said it was just the cyberpunk savor of melancholic neon or the deceptively two-dimensional pixel art. I mean it’s only been a couple of months and Crying Suns is quite inviting to those keen enough to decipher its Biblical references or popular tropes of sci-fiction.

Reason enough to have me bookmark it on a quick Thursday morning but let’s take a closer for your sake, beloved reader.

Month of February, this year, was when talk of long-running designs of HD battleships, mounted weaponry and piggybacking individual elements to allow for content variety began to crop up.

Before long this transitioned into pixel art-vector blends for user interfaces, pew-pew effects and human-brain controlled factions of mech. Neither was a fix on logo and cutscene styles too far behind, thanks to some justifiably enthusiastic community participation.

All of this might make Crying Suns seem like a distant prospect, when in fact it’s already proclaimed a final release date of Late 2018/Early 2019, a Beta version sometime this year, PC/Mac/iPad as targeted platform and a price range of 15-20 Euros.

You’re right when you assume rogue-lite, meticulous tactics/strategy and a deep story make up its star cast. In fact you don’t need to be a seer to know that it’s 700 years into the future, the peaceful Galactic Empire is no more and that the human-loving race of OMNI have altogether shut down.

But did you fathom that you’re not Imperial Admiral Ellys Idaho? You’re a clone, my friend. Better yet neither is the Gehenna you’ve woken up in a place of eternal fire any more, rather a realm of ice-rock that also happens to house the last functional OMNI.

The darkly-humorous Kaliban has woken you up from your cryosleep with news that you’re mankind’s last hope, you don’t have very long to do much about it, and that you’ll be playing Crying Suns over multiple runs in an attempt to unravel what is a procedurally generated universe each time anyway.

The combination is additionally FTL-inspired with at least seven different factions revealed thus far.

Partake in the research at anytime.


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