Toukiden Team Reportedly Developing New Game

It has been reported that the Toukiden team is working on a new title. Supposedly, this new title is not Toukiden 3, but something else in the works. No platform release has been announced nor has a release date, but this game is being reported to be in the works and will release before the team gets back to working on a new Toukiden.

According to publication site Gematsu it is said that fans of Koei Tecmo and Omega Force’s Toukiden series of games will find that it will be a long time before Toukiden 3 hits the digital scene and store shelves. Team Toukiden is reported to have announced that a new game is presently in the works.

Toukiden producer Kenichi Ogasawara reportedly mentioned the following information about the game:

“We [the Toukiden team] have not announced a packaged title since Toukiden 2, but as we are currently working on another project at Omega Force, once we can finish it properly, I would like to make a new Toukiden, so please wait a little while longer.”

If this information is true, the team at Omega Force that developed the Toukiden series is currently working on a new title that is not Toukiden 3.

The information reported regarding Ogasawara saying the above was taken from the Omega Force 20th Anniversary Commemoration Concert on March 17th.

Surely time will tell what Koei Tecmo and Omega Force have in store for fans, but if this “new project” is an actual “surprise title” according to Ogasawara, then hopefully it’s something noteworthy.

Since the project still needs a bit of time before being revealed to the public, the announcement of a Toukiden 3 is reported to be a ways off.

You can read the full story on Omega Force 20th Anniversary Commemoration Concert, which covers a variety of things, by heading on over to


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